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Digitalization age means change

Times change and trends come and go with various inventions. This fast development of technology means that many jobs become useless while new positions come to the surface. This makes courses you took a year or two ago obsolete, and that is one of the problems that plague the 21st century. But the change will […]

Free Games on PSN You can Redeem

PlayStation introduced free games to counter PC gaming, and it’s popularization of the free content. Now, let’s be honest, a lot of PlayStation games are bad, and they aren’t worth playing, but some hidden gems are worth your time. If you want these free games on psn you can redeem them by following the link and […]

Technology Inside Our Mobile Phones

Modern civilization is practically dependent on mobile phones just like it is on energy. Kids born into the mobile phone era cannot imagine a time without a phone in your pocket. In fact, a mobile phone has become an integral part of the previous duo you do not leave your home without keys, wallet, and […]

Technology Behind Steelmaking

The secret of steel, as Conan would put it, is sacred and revered. It might not seem too difficult in modern times, but a lot of knowledge and history is behind steel making processes. The methods of processing iron to create steel have played a crucial role to forge modern technological societies. We have known […]

New Year – New Technology Trends In 2017

Robots and the new high-tech products make us reconsider the term intelligence. We are controlling the technology product, but we cannot neglect that machines are faster than people and more precise. What does this tell us? Who is better between these two? We manage to create an intelligent system than can learn, adapt and self-develop. […]

Outer Space Technology Is Still In The Progress

Space is a harsh and dangerous environment, especially for humans. We are sensitive beings acclimatized to living on the only habitable planet we know of, Earth. Endeavoring into the vast and unexplored space is a life threatening mission if strict precautions are ignored. Humans have to be shielded from the vacuum of space, the unforgiving […]