Free Games on PSN You can Redeem

PlayStation introduced free games to counter PC gaming, and it’s popularization of the free content. Now, let’s be honest, a lot of PlayStation games are bad, and they aren’t worth playing, but some hidden gems are worth your time. If you want these free games on psn you can redeem them by following the link and getting a psn voucher.

This War of Mine – A game that will change you

This game is an interesting take on survival, and it makes the player think about the actions they make. This isn’t a game where you go around and shoot people and if you want that then don’t download This War of Mine. The game is set in the early, 90s and you get control of a group of survivors and try to survive during the war in Bosnia.

You get to choose survivors with different skills that will be substantial during a run. The game is divided into different aspects, and you have to manage your survivors. They can get buffs and de-buffs (both physical and mental) and they have needs you have to control as well (hunger, sleep, and emotional state and so on).


The game is divided into day and night, missions and base management. You get to manage your shelter during the day. You start with nothing, and you have to assign tasks for your survivors to clear the shelter, make various usable and non-usable items and furniture and working stations (cooking stove and similar). You also get occasional visits from traders and other NPCs that may trade with you and ask you for things and help.

The night is when the thing becomes more interesting. The first thing the player gets to do when the night comes is to choose which survivor will do what. One of them gets to go on a mission, few of them can guard the shelter and others can sleep. The shelter can be attacked by robbers, and they can steal the supplies if there isn’t someone with good weapons to defend it.

Missions take one survivor on scavenging runs and trade locations. They get to loot different places and meet friendly, neutral and aggressive NPCs on those missions. Resource management is the basis of this game and anyone that likes that will enjoy it.

Not a Hero – Interesting and fun rogue-lite game

The world is invaded by the aliens, and they conquered the world without any resistance. You are a time traveler that goes back in the past to change the future. The character has to complete missions to become a major and prevent the end of the world.

not a hero

This is a 2D fast paced shooter that utilized cover-based shooting to elevate the gameplay to the next level. Dying is something you will have to get used to as enemies are merciless in this game. The diversity of the missions isn’t something that is an advantage of this game, but the premise of the Not a Hero is clear, and you won’t have time to complain about the lack of diversity. The goal of a mission may be different, but you will always get to run around and kill enemies that stand in your way.

Earth Defense Force 2025

Earth is under the attack, and you are the only one that can stop the invasion. This game is another entry in long “Earth Defense Force” franchise, and it brings all the favorite things from the previous games.

The setting is simple; you go on missions where you have to kill hundreds of bugs and machines to save the world. Every mission is harder than the previous one and failure is something that will happen every once in a while. But even failure will help the player as they will pick up new weapons that will be dropped by the enemy and this is one feature that every EDF game excels at.

You have several classes in the game, and you can choose one of them and embark on a mission. Each class is unique, and they have special weapons they can use. The focus of this game is in a wide variety of weapons, and every class has more than one hundred unique and different weapons at their disposal.

Add co-op and fully destructible environment, and you have a game on which you will spend dozens and dozens of hours on. When we say destructible environment, we mean it. You will get to fly and land on one-hundred-floor buildings and destroy them if they stand in your way. This will create mayhem on the land around it, and that is satisfying to do, and you won’t get bored by doing it.