New Year – New Technology Trends In 2017

Robots and the new high-tech products make us reconsider the term intelligence. We are controlling the technology product, but we cannot neglect that machines are faster than people and more precise. What does this tell us? Who is better between these two? We manage to create an intelligent system than can learn, adapt and self-develop. Will technology develop more and faster than humans in the future or it is just a myth?

Mobile and watch

No matter what our fears are, we must admit that we became addicted to it and we are going to continue to develop it. If you are curious, you probably wonder what we can expect in 2017?

Intelligent apps

control4-alexa-integration-1Our addiction to technology is enormous. We can’t imagine our life without our cell phones for example. They become the most important part of our everyday activities. That why mobile applications are developing so fast. To make is everyday task easier (mails for examples), all companies intend to develop faster and more efficient application that will make our business life easier. Somehow our mobile devices are becoming our personal assistants that will help us to run the business. All technology has focused on three areas:

Advanced analytics for precise predictions

Nowadays, everything is about analysis. You can’t predict something unless you have any previous experience. You also need to track the information, which is faster than it used to be in the past centuries.


With the proper and accurate tracking of the info, you will always be in the center of business, and you will always be able to contact the right person at the right time.

Friendly interface as the key for the best user experience

If you want to do the job quickly and to make progress fast, you need to have a simple interface that is easy to use. No matter how the application is good, if it is too complicated a lot of people won’t know how to use it. No wonder a lot of banks made mobile apps so you can pay everything online. This way you can run your business online and stop wasting your money. You will notice they are very simple, so simple that even a child can use it.