A What Technology Innovations We Can Expect In The Future?

Modern time brings new habits and new needs. The technology is constantly developing to satisfy a modern man. We feel free to say that it never stands still. The technology is like a human; it is constantly adapting and progressing. The first thing that comes to our mind when we think about technology is a change. It is interesting how fast things happen these days.

Future of Medicine

Today we have impossible thought and the very next day we the witness to its realization. Just 50 years ago a computer was the size of the room, and now it fits the size of the human hand. According to this fact, we name some of the most interesting futuristic technologies we can expect maybe even tomorrow.

Jet Pack International – Fly like a bird

Flying like a bird without an airplane seems like a crazy idea. Not if you ask our scientists that are constantly trying to produce a vehicle that will allow us to fly. Hydrogen peroxide-fueled jet packs are one of the futuristic products they intend to put out on the market.

This product will allow people to travel a distance of 3,300 feet in a very short time.

The vehicle that will help you to avoid traffic jam – is it just a dream or not?

If you are a fan of the Star Wars, you will be delighted with the futuristic model of the bike so-called Aerofex Aero- X. Powered by a water-cooled 240 horsepower engine and two rotors this machine will be able to carry up to 310 pounds.

Future of Technology

It will be perfect for safari drives in the desert for example. Their only con is its price which goes up to $85,000 and presents a luxury toy for an average budget.

A futuristic suit that only superheroes have

“Iron Man” suit will no longer be a costume for a Hollywood film. It pretends to become and uniform for the army. With its ballistic, shock and fire protection it is going to become the uniform for Special Operations soldiers. No matter how weird it looks like it is going to protect thousands of lives, no matter what we say.