Technology Inside Our Mobile Phones

Modern civilization is practically dependent on mobile phones just like it is on energy. Kids born into the mobile phone era cannot imagine a time without a phone in your pocket. In fact, a mobile phone has become an integral part of the previous duo you do not leave your home without keys, wallet, and phone.

An average person is completely oblivious to the fact that modern smartphones have as much technology in them like a car or even a satellite. Even the first mobile phone shown in 1973 by Motorola is a very complicated machine built with precise engineering.

Basket full of tech gadgets

BLM-CES-2017Smartphones which lead the market today are true marvels of advanced technology. They incorporate so many technological achievements from the past. And they have to be designed by experts from many scientific fields. A common and cheap product. It took quite a while to develop it in its current form. Now there are so many different types of phones. Which means that manufacturers race with their competitors to make technological leaps which would enable them to offer new functions and services to consumers. For example, specific engineers have to work on how to prolong battery life. And completely different engineers will work to make lightweight, yet strong casings.

From radio to a smartphone

From ancient radio technology to superconductors, mobile phones have it all. Ever since Nikola Tesla discovered radio and helped us to harness the power of radio waves to transfer information, we have been growing our communicational abilities. Latest mobile phones are not only our communication devices; they are complete entertainment centers. You can use them to surf the internet for new information, watch a movie while you travel, write your new poem or to draw a sketch.


A phone is not a thing you just put near your ear to talk; it is a complete multimedia information source. It is our next best friend and technology that has been built to it allows us to stay connected and close to our family, friends and business associates. Do not ever leave home without it.